Dennis Girardin

IT Tech Support Professional / Bulldog


I am a multifaceted, flexible IT professional with 35 years of professional engineering experience, 20 years of IT and 16 years of level 1 and 2 desktop / network support experience.  In my life , I have designed components of jet engines, winning awards at GE and getting a patent award. I also have had a significant career in IT, from configurations of NT and Novell servers 15 years ago to support of large enterprise PC networks containing thousands of users today. Over that time, I have developed a finely tuned work ethic and logical troubleshooting skill. I have also developed / acquired many network, software, and hardware skills in many different areas. In all areas that I have worked in, I have never lost my interest in learning . If you are interested, I'd love to hear from you today. Learn more.